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January 26, 2010

Uploading a InfoPath form which is an Administrator Approved Template for SharePoint 2007

As i described in my previous post once we finished saving a InfoPath form which prompted us “Administrator must approve this form template before it can be filled out by using a browse” at the time when we followed the normal usual way to publish a InfoPath form in SharePoint library, as the next step we have to upload this template to the SharePoint via Central Administration.

Browse to the Central Administration home page and go to Application Management, Under InfoPath Form Services Click on Upload Form Template.


Find the location of the template and browse to it. (If you saved it to SharePoint you’ll need to save a local copy on your computer and upload from there.)


to be continued…

January 26, 2010

An Administrator must approve this form template before it can be filled out by using a browser.

Currently i was working with InfoPath forms for me to design some form templates and later which will be published in SharePoint to enable nintex workflow. Most of time we were used to develop InfoPath forms which is compatible with browser. In other words browser compatible InfoPath forms.

I came across a situation where we need to get the current IP address of the logged in user to the InfoPath form. So at that time i had to write some C# codes in InfoPath form. Upon finished with the codes when i tried to publish the form, mid of the publishing wizard it didn’t allow me to publish the InfoPath template directly to the SharePoint library, instead it forced me save it in locally informing “Administrator must approve this form template before it can be filled out by using a browser”.


the reason was :

This behavior occurs because a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System form contains managed code by default.

Note: If a form template contains managed code, the Publishing Wizard lets you click only the Administrator-approved form template (advanced) option.

the only way in this situation is to save the InfoPath template locally and to upload the same template via the Central Administration.

January 15, 2010

Error creating package – Failed to save package file “\path” with error 0x80040154 "Class not registered"

When I tried to create a new SSIS package in the BIDS, I received an error saying : “Failed to save package file “\path of the file” with error 0x80040154 “Class not registered”.

It was due to MSXML6 setup package did not get installed in my machine properly or due to some reason it should have corrupted. So you have ‘MSXML 6.0 Parser’ in Add/Remove Programs, click Change and then Repair. If it does not exist in your Add/Remove Programs – rerun the SQL Setup, then it should install it.

January 13, 2010

Adding SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer Web Part – SharePoint

Once i have installed the Reporting Services add in for the SharePoint by default the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer web part should be enabled in SharePoint web part library. But in my case it was not added and listed in the library. So i had to add it manually.

follow the steps as below:






After adding the web part to your page just configure the same to view your report.


you can download the addin from the following link:

January 5, 2010

Biztalk Poster

Biztalk poster (Silverlight enabled) –

Check this out : .

Scroll/Zoom + click on a section where the help and various MSDN articles come up. really helpful for us. 🙂