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February 24, 2010

Deploying BizTalk 2009 Applications

After long time i had to refresh my knowledge about deploying a BizTalk application. I did all these things some time back and totally forgot the things what i did. Anyhow after developing a small orchestration sample in VS 2008, i tried deploying the application. It successfully deploys but i couldn’t see the Application in the Biz Talk Administration Console. totally confused and was searching for the deployed Application name after restarting the service for one, two, three times. I had to make sure is that the schema, map were deployed or not. When i checked in the All Artifacts node, so i was able to find my schema, map were deployed successfully.

So after that i had to check the properties of the BizTalk project what i did developed in VS. When i checked the properties so the Application Name was empty.


In this case at the time of deploying, VS automatically deploys the application as “BizTalk Application 1” and when i checked the maps, schema folders, all my files were deployed there.


so i had to insert a name for the Application Name in VS 2008 and had to redeploy it again. At the time of deploying VS prompts you saying that the DLL is already deployed. What you have to do is remove the assembly from the GAC (C:\Windows\Assembly) and as well as the orchestration, map and schema files from the BizTalk Administrator Console. Once its done try to deploy it again and finally it was deployed successfully. 🙂


February 14, 2010

Nintex Context menu doesn’t appear in IE8

Once we have configured the Nintex workflow 2007 in our development server, I was unable to see the context menu which should appear in the Nintex workflow controls.

so the reason was when the IEs Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) settings are turned on then have to add the about:blank to the trusted site list.