Uninstalling SQL Server 2008 Instance

please follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall a named instance of a SQL Server 2008. For the reference of others I have published the screen shots to help you guys in some way. Please make sure before uninstalling that none of the SQL services are not used by other applications.

Go to the control panel => Programs => Programs and Features


Browse to SQL Server 2008 and click the Uninstall/Change button above.


Click continue when a prompts comes and make sure that no one is logged into the server.

Click Remove and please follow the screen shots as mentioned below.




Select the SQL Server 2008 instance to uninstall.


Select the features belonging to the instance that you are going to uninstall and keep the shared features.






At the time of uninstallation process I had problem with uninstalling the reporting services and the error was:

“An error has occurred: Access to the path ‘<Path of perf-ReportServer-rsctr.dll>’ is denied”

Please refer this link to resolve the error:

To resolve this issue, close or stop any process or application that may be using the Report Server performance counter, and then try to uninstall Report Server.



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