ASPXPageControl tabbing problem

I Was working with the ASPXPAgeControl to dispaly some tabbed pages in the website.

Based on some user roles I had to enable/disable some tabs. There were two properties with this ASPXPageControl viz .visible property and the .clientvisible property. Initially i was playing around the .visible property and it didnt give me a proper results when i made visible=true after doing a visble =false. Hence at the time of makeing the visible true of the tabbed pages it started to show me all the hidden tabs even.

So i switched to the .clientvisible property. This was works fine, but the problem is this used to show all the tabs to the user initially and then one by one it started to hide based on the condition. anyhow this is the by default functoinality of the control.

So started to search little bit deeper into the .visible property of the control and was able to find a property named  EnableHierarchyRecreation.

If we are using the .visbile property, make sure to make the EnableHierarchyRecreation to true to make sure that you wont face a situation where i did explained above.



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