SQL Server 2005 Management Studio : Cannot parse script.

I was trying to run a script which i got it from our one of live server. So as usual i tried to run the scripts (file size 112 MB) which i got with the data. Ohhh what the hell, was getting the error  “Cannot parse script.” 😦

was finding a way to sort out this matter. As per that in some of the forum posts it says the SQL Server Management studio is having some limitations with the Query Parser. Just refer this post for more details.

Finally found out we can execute using the sqlcmd prompt as below:

you can find the SQLCMD.exe in the following path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn

and after that execute the command as below:

sqlcmd -S YOURSQLSERVER\INSTANCENAME -d DataBaseName -i C:\Your Script.sql

By the way the SQLCMD also uses the usual SQL Server 2005 query parser. So it means the above mentioned error is not related to the SQL Server 2005 Parser instead its related to some bug in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. 🙂


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