SPContentDeploymentWizard and the deployment

Finally the projects that we were working was over (not 100%) and had to deploy the site that we were developing on client site. We did some test deployments in our virtual servers using the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard and everything was working fine. When we started deploying the site on client site using the Share Point Content Deployment Wizard it didn’t allow us to deploy the site. When it starts to deploy its getting crashed or hanged. We tried many ways to get this thing work and finally it didn’t work at all.

When investigated finally we got to know it was due to the SharePoint version. In other words the exported site from our staging environment and the SharePoint version which was installed in live environment on client site was different.

Finally we had to deploy the site by moving the content database of the sharepont site from the staging to live enviornment. woowww!! without any issue it worked fine. 🙂

you can find more details about moving a content database from this link.


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