Restore-SPSite : 0x80070003

I was restoring a SharePoint site from a lab environment to Production.  This is one of the frequently used powershell commands that we use in addition to the Backup-SPSite.

Restore-SPSite http://ggvstg01:12160/discussionforum/GeneralDiscussi

-Path C:\Users\user\Desktop\Backup\GeneralDiscussion.bak –Force

Come on man, was worried to see the below error.

**Restore-SPSite : 
At line:1 char:1

So started to search on this error hence this is the first time I saw this error. Some posts says its related to managed path issue, advice us to check the managed path in both the environments. I checked, so in my case its nothing to do with the managed paths Hence the site had only one root site collection. In some post it says the SharePoint versions are different. I thought this might be correct hence in my lab environment it was the SharePoint enterprise version with the trial license. But in production it was the SharePoint Enterprise. Suddenly I thought of checking the SharePoint logs and the event viewer. I couldn’t see any specific error in the Share Point logs. Then moved to check on the Event Viewer. Ohhhh man, it was something related to the login which I used to execute the power shell command “insufficient SQL Database permission for user named domainaame\username”.


Finally logged into the SQL Server and applied the above said user the “sysadmin”permission and executed the restore command without any issue. 😀


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