Hide root node of the Sharepoint 2013 SiteMapPath

I had my sitemap path with following link in the master page.

Home > Portal Site > Departments >HR

Home link redirects me to the variationroot.aspx at the same time the “Portal site” also links with the default.aspx page. Anyhow the variationroot.aspx page will redirect the user to the same Default.aspx page. So needs to remove this redundant links and finally the site map path links should appear as below:

Portal Site > Departments >HR

Add the following CSS entry in any case if you wanted to hide the first node of the sitemappath in a variation enabled sharepoitn site.

<asp:SiteMapPath ID="contentNavigation" runat="server">
#ctl00_contentNavigation span:nth-child(2),span:nth-child(3)

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