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January 12, 2014

Resize the virtual disk


you can extend the space of your existing virtual hard disk by executing the following command:

“C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe” modifyhd OldDisk.vdi –resize 51200

51200 MB / 1024 MB => 50 GB

previously my virtual hard drive size was 25 GB and i just extended the same to 50 GB.

Upon that login to your virtual machine and then right click “My Computer” and select “Manager”. Then “Disk Management”. You will see some new spaces added after the C or whatever the corresponding drive. Then right click the corresponding drive and select “Extend Volume”. Follow the wizard and its done.

Note: VBoxManage modifyhd “D:\ISDev\myVDI.vdi” –resize 307200

January 7, 2014

Apps for SharePoint 2013

When I was setting up the SharePoint Apps environment in one of our client site, I have followed the below article to configure the same:

upong configuring the apps successfully the administrator of the SharePoint site can be able to navigate to SharePoint online store and can add the same to the site even. Even though when accessing the added SharePoint app it doesn’t display the app instead its getting crashed.

The redirection happens as below with the instance id of the SharePoint apps as below:

As the two applications (SharePoint site and the apps site) are not running under same domain, seems the IIS having problem with redirecting to the other application (SharePoint apps).

when i went through the logs was able to find the below related to the two apps added in the site:

Doing appredirect from appredirect.aspx: in site: 8308f31c-8e95-4bb2-ac5d-bfc6032efe2d with 302 redirect to:

Doing appredirect from appredirect.aspx: in site: 8be20238-f1a2-43c3-9d83-535554a7e4d0 with 302 redirect to:

So finally there was a resolution to the above. the Resolution is to create a new SharePoint web application with the empty host header. Once its done the apps started to work without any further headache. 🙂